Food Processor Ratings For Every Budget

cuisinart food processor reviewsIf you do not enjoy cooking because of the time and the work that is involved, then getting a top quality food processor is a great way to remedy both of these obstacles. Sure it is a lot easier to order take out, but staying fit and healthy requires a little more discipline as to the ingredients that you include in your meals. Making a home cooked meal is a wonderful way to provide something that is both good for your taste buds as well as good for your body, and having the right equipment in your kitchen can go along way to making everything more enjoyable and make it seem less like work.

If you think that food processors are just for shredding cheese or chopping vegetables you would be wrong. Some of the top food processors can do things like make dough, salsa, your own peanut butter, as well as handle all of your cutting and shredding needs. They are quite versatile small appliances that can help you reduce the time it takes to prepare the ingredients for just about any recipe. If you are interested in helping yourself in the kitchen then check out some of the best rated models below.

Top Rated Food Processing Machines

We have a lot of experience with different food processing machines as well as having done some quick research reading through some of the top food processor reviews and we have come up with a list of some of the better models that would be great in any kitchen.

Best Overall Value Food Processor

Cusinart has a fantastic line of these types of machines, and each one would go great in your home. However, there is one model that gives the best performance to price value, and that would be the DLC-2009 Prep 9 which is currently the best rated Cuisinart food processor. You get a lot for what you pay for with this food processor. Some of what makes this such a great option includes:
⦁ Mixing bowl with 9 cup capacity. This is perfect for just about any type of task and would be great for most recipes that feed 1 to 4 people.
⦁ Powerful motor that has proven itself to very reliable over time. It can mix, chop, shred, and dice through just about any type of hard or soft food that you put into the machine.
⦁ Stainless steel cutting discs that are the hallmark of Cuisinart machines. Sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Cuisinart makes some of the best blades on the market.
⦁ More stylish than some of their other models. While looks should be secondary to performance, it is nice not to have dated styling. This model brings the food processor into the modern era with a better design.
⦁ Mid range price point that makes it affordable to more people. You get a fabulous set of features and excellent performance for just over $100.

Best High End Model

Breville small kitchen appliances are some of the most advanced machines that you can get for your kitchen. As far as food processors go, their BFP800XL Sous Chef model is one modern unit that would be wonderful in any kitchen. Unfortunately, this futuristic looking unit comes with a higher price tag that not everyone will be able to swallow. With that being said, this Breville food processor delivers exceptional performance that is well worth the price.
⦁ Extra large feed chute that can handle larger foods. Save even more time by not having to pre-cut large vegetables into tinier pieces just to fit inside of the machine.
⦁ Slicing disc with 24 different settings allow you to get the perfect slice that you want every time.
⦁ Comes with 2 mixing bowls. Use the super capacity 16 cup mixing bowl for larger jobs, or use the included mini bowl for quick and easy tasks for the ultimate convenience.
⦁ Super modern design that would be a real eye catcher in any type of kitchen. Take your countertop into the 21st century.
⦁ Expensive. This unit will cost you around $400, so it is not ideal for anyone on a tight budget.
Best Budget-Friendly Food Processing Options
Hamilton Beach makes some wonderful machines that are great for those who just do not want to spend a lot for a new kitchen appliance. Their 70740 or 70670 models would be great alternatives to the more expensive models on our list.
⦁ Large capacity bowls that can accommodate a lot of food. Mix bread dough or chop vegetables for 1 to 4 people.
⦁ Powerful and dependable motors will slice, chop, and dice through everything with ease.
⦁ Easy to clean and operate. Simple controls and fast clean up make these food processing models a dream for anyone to use.
⦁ Affordable pricing. Both of these food processors can usually be bought for between $30 and $50 which makes them a prime choice for those looking to save money.

Do Yourself a Favor

Eating a homemade meal is a lot more fun than preparing one, but the benefits are worth the effort. You can make things a lot easier on yourself by getting one of these appliances for your kitchen. They make food preparation feel a lot less like work and the time you save cooking can be used for more important things, like relaxing with a cocktail. Any of the above models should be able to have an impact on your ability to reduce the hours spent slaving over a stove so you can get back to things that really matter, so go get yourself a food processor and enjoy

Top Running Strollers For 2015

Jogging is a time tested method for getting back into shape after giving birth.  For those active moms (and dads) who find the time to take care of their bodies as well as their kids, getting a jogging stroller is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  You also get the added aerobic benefit of pushing your young one around, which can enhance your workout by 20% or more.  The kids love it because they get to go on an outside joy ride.  So it really is a win-win for everyone involved.

Luckily, there are several quality options available in 2015 for those looking for a new stroller.  Big wheels that swivel, comfy and cool materials, and advanced safety features ensure that both runner and rider will enjoy the entire experience.

Below are some of the top models being sold which have the highest owner ratings.

BOB Revolution SE

This is a safe pick as it is one of the best selling and best rated jogging stroller on the market.  This unit has an extremely solid track record with parents over the years and it continues to be a very worth pick for anyone in the market for a new stroller.  Light weight, durable, easy to guide, and plenty of storage usually have this as one of the top 10 jogging strollers that you can buy.  It is great for runners who do not want to worry about the safety or comfort of their children.

Baby Jogger X3 Summit

For parents that like to go off-roading, this is a terrific option.  Great suspension and big wheels make this a serious contender for anyone looking to take their jogging stroller outside of the city and off the beaten path.  Very durable and easy to clean materials as well.

Graco Fast Action Jogger

For those that need something that is easy to fold and get out of the car then this is a great option.  Simple design along with versatility make this a hit with parents.  Very easy to move in and out of the car and store away during the winter months.  This jogging stroller gets high marks from parents of small cars as well.  It provides a safe and comfy ride for kids.

Get Out and Jog

Running has always been a quick way to get a healthy workout.  Involving your kids can also be quite a motivating factor as well.  Finding the right equipment can go a long way to providing a family activity that everyone can benefit from and enjoy.  Strollers can be a significant investment, especially those designed to be used a faster pace, but the positive impact that they can provide can definitely make it worth it.



The Joy of Homemade Ice Cream

ice-cream-machine-reviews-2015One of the great memories that I had when I was a kid was going over to my grandmother’s house and making ice cream…the old fashion way.  Lots of ice and some salt and a lot of churning.  The reward was well worth it, but it sure was quite a bit of work.  Luckily, today it is a lot easier to get the same great tasting results in the comfort of your own home.  It can be as simple as mixing the ingredients and hitting a button.  Sure today’s youth have it a lot easier, but guess what, so do today’s elderly.

I look back at some of the things I used to do as a child and how much work went into it and constantly shake my head.  This is especially true with making ice cream.  Today’s ice cream makers would seem like a gift sent from an alien planet to my grandmother, but I am sure that she would adapt pretty quickly.  So if you are in the market for a capable machine to make your own frozen desserts, then the list below should be of some help.

Top 3 Ice Cream Machines for 2015

We love making our own ice cream so much that we have put together our own list of the top units, including the one that we use ourselves.

Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop

Yes, I splurged as this is not a cheap or budget friendly ice cream maker, but it sure is pretty awesome.  The LCD display is something that you will not see on other machines, and it is pretty useful and modern looking.  It gives all the setting information and it looks pretty cool.  We own a few Breville appliances, they have all have been excellent machines, including this one.  We have made tons of ice cream, and since this unit has its own compressor, you do not have to stick the bowl in the freezer for hours for it to work properly.

We have used this particular model for about 2 years and it has given us nothing but joy, and terrific tasting ice cream.  It is usally among the top rated machines in various ice cream maker reviews online with extremely high customer feedback.

Cuisinart ICE-100 Ice Cream Machine

Okay, so this is another expensive model, but we have used this one on a couple of occasions and we were very impressed with its capacity and simplicity.  This ice cream maker also has its own compressor which makes it super convenient, especially for those that don’t like to plan ahead and do things on the fly.  It is versatile and can make other types of frozen treats, such as gelato or frozen yogurt for those that like to experiment.

Cuisinart ICE-21

Finally, an inexpensive model that performs rather well.  We have had a batch of ice cream made in this machine and it was very tasty.  Cheap and easy is how the owner of this ice cream maker described it.  Anyone looking to get their first machine without investing a lot up front should consider this model.

Bring Back the Memories

If some of your best childhood memories of your family involve making ice cream, then why not pass that tradition along.  Nothing is more rewarding or fun that to sit down with the grandkids and watch their faces light up as they help make dessert for everyone.  Making new memories, and ones that they might some day look back on with the same fondness that you do, can be a rather priceless feeling.  Buying an ice cream maker has been a worthy endeavour for our family, maybe it can be the same for yours.

Want to see the Breville ice cream maker in action?  Check out this video below to see exactly how it works and what it has to offer.